North of England Lhasa Apso Club

It is a long established fact that a ……………..

NOELAC was formed at an inaugural meeting on August 1st 1991, and received Kennel Club approval in July 1992.
Application was made and approval was granted for the clubs first open show to be held on 30th May 1993, and we then held two open shows per year, one to the East and one to the West of the Pennines to meet the initial commitment made by the foundation of the club.
Despite problems with the show venues, this we managed to do. In 2001 we held our first Championship Show, judged by Mrs Tina Lewis,
who was on the very first committee as Chairperson.
At that point we were granted Championship Licences on alternate years, until 2009 when an extra set of CC’s became available to the breed and as a result all six breed clubs were then granted CC’s annually.

It is also an important part of the function of the club to oversee the well-being of the Lhasa Apso.
Fortunately these lovely little dogs have few genetic disorders, the main recognized condition is that of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), a degenerating condition of the eye which ultimately results in blindness.
Research into this is ongoing, which the club has contributed to financially.
Until the responsible gene is found, yearly eye testing is indicated to that end.
NOELAC has a Kennel Club approved ‘Code Of Ethics’ to which all members must subscribe.
Unfortunately there is a need on occasions for a Lhasa Apso Rescue, and the club has officers who can be contacted if you need assistance. Please see the Rescue Page.

The Club was proud to finally appoint a Patron in 2009 – Mrs Tina Lewis,
who as previously mentioned was instrumental in the early formation of the Club,
and also maintained a very successful show and breeding kennel “Ragoosa”.
Many of today’s show dogs have Ragoosa breeding in their pedigrees, and we are happy to have Tina’s support,
while she enjoys her retirement in Spain.
This web site is a constantly evolving venture for NOELAC and we the committee, hope you will find the pages useful and informative,
so please use and enjoy it.