Open Show 2015 - Judge: Mrs Pamela Ogden (Absosengkye)
Sunday 8th February

L-R - Club President Ida Watts, Amanda Luscott and BIS Jalus Pollyanna,
Kimberley Logan with RBIS Luekiki Diemos to Spyanki JW ShCM, Judge Pamela Ogden and Julie Seward with BPIS
Marnbri Glint of Gloria to Domensa.

Best Bitch and Best in Show - Amanda Luscott's Jalus Pollyanna

Julie Seward with Best Puppy in Show and Res Best Bitch - Poole & Seward's Marnbri Glint of Gloria to Domensa
and Judge Pamela Ogden.

Judge Pamela Ogden pictured with Club President Ida Watts.
Photos above taken by Eugene Purvis

1st in Minor Dog - Bridgens' Chazmeen I Cause Mayhem at Lapchis (also 1st in Maiden Dog),
2nd Culverhouse's Culversado Jack Of Diamonds

1st in Puppy Dog - Logan's Spyanki Oh Happy Day, 2nd Iredale's Askja Needs No Approval

1st in Junior Dog - Roberts' Marbledale Perfection, 2nd 1st in PD

1st in Special Beginners Dog - Purvis' Auric Stunning Prince Mit Gyaltsen (also 3rd in PGD)

1st in Post Grad Dog - Taylor's Jerami First Edition

1st in Limit Dog & Res Best Dog - Taylor & Johnson's Chanceinn's Sir Gino avec Sifrason JW ShCM

1st in Open Dog & RBIS - Logan's Luekiki Diemos to Spyanki JW ShCM