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A basic kit for somebody starting out with the intention of grooming their lhasa apso, would firstly incorporate some of the brushes and combs
listed on the main grooming page.
Even if it is just one of each.
You could competently groom a lhasa apso with one wide tooth comb and a good slicker.
You would also want shampoo, conditioner and a grooming spray.
A small pair of scissors for trimming the feet - something with between a 5 and 6 and a half inch blade - such as
Fisher's Silver or Golden cut SC or GC650 - these are priced between 15-20 pounds and are an excellent starter scissor.
If you only want to buy one pair of scissors the Fisher ones are the ones I'd buy.
A broad blade shear such as Roseline's 82085 - which has eight and a half inch blades,
these would be for shaping the body and legs or trimming the length on a show coat.
Getting more adventurous you could have a single blade thinning scissor ( a double sided one thins out twice as much coat)
and a curved scissor for foot trimming.
The thinner is used for faces and thinning or giving a fluffy finish to the body coat.
Roseline's 82551 is one example.
A curved scissor would be something like Roseline's 82076, as well as foot shaping they are good for following the contours
of a dog's legs and rear end - helping give a defined finish.
I am quoting Roseline scissors because they are probably the main brand used in training schools and by exhibitors
and are of excellent quality without being the most expensive on the market.
I own several pairs of Roseline scissors as well as Fisher scissors and a more expensive finishing scissor
which is just for final touch up's.
Care of your scissors is equally inportant, they need regular professional sharpening and try not to drop them, this can upset the alignment
and blunt the blades either of which means they need sharpening again.
If they are squeaky and a drop of oil on the hinge doesn't fix it, or if they seem to be taking more effort to open and close than they should,
this means they need maintenance.
There is a picture below of how to hold your scissors properly, practice flexing them open and closed in this position. your thumb should do all the work.
Using curved scissors

I think a cheap pet clipper is a bad investment, I've not heard anybody say they were satisfactory at getting through coat.
If you're going to buy a clipper buy an Oster A5 or Andis AGC Single Speed Clipper for around £115-£125 (at the time of writing in 2013)
These are a good sturdy clipper that will do the job and be resilient. I prefer Andis because it's more comfortable in my hand.
With clippers it's best to handle different ones to see what suits you before you buy.
With your clipper you will need a 10 blade for hygiene clipping, a 5F blade for a short body clip on a clean coat.
If you want to be able to clip a dirty coat (not one that's too knotty) before you bath then a 5 blade will accomplish that.
But keep that one specifically for doing dirty coats.
I like to use a 30 blade with a set of Wahl Snap on Comb Attachments to put on it, this gives you a wide range of clipping lengths
while only buying one blade. The comb attachment set is around 15 pounds so not too expensive.
Alternatively Andis has a Universal Magnetic Comb Set to use with a 10 blade which is the same principle.
Using the Wahl Clipper Blade Attachments

People often ask what shampoo and products I use and there's many I like.
Vetzyme JDS Insecticidal is great for dirty, greasy coats - for flea prevention and stripping oil out of a coat.
Other than that I like Plush Puppy Natural Conditioning Shampoo & Deep Cleansing Shampoo's and the OMG Spray.
Groomers Edge/Double K Furst Aid Medicated Shampoo & Keri-Cot Conditioner
Many of Groomers Shampoo's - Evening Primrose Oil in particular.
Coat Handler 15-1 Clarifying Shampoo, and Coat Conditioner and I really like their Coat Handler Anti-Static De-tangler/Grooming Spray
All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo (for greasier coats or coats needing more texture), Botanical Conditioner & Invisible Hold Gel for perfecting the show parting.
I quite often use a dog shampoo and a good quality human conditioner.

Trimming show feet on a puppy