N.O.E.L.A.C. Open Show
Saturday 6th November 2004
Judge: Jackie Kitchener (Michandy)

Best in Show - Waterhouse's Chtaura Rhythm is a Dancer
Reserve Best in Show - Davidson-Jones' Peakajay High Finance JW
Best Puppy in Show - Waterhouse's Chtaura Do Ya Wanna Dance
Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Phillips' Dimara Father Ted
Best Veteran in Show - McNally's Ch Angadema Applause

My thanks to the Officers, Committee and Exhibitors for a most enjoyable day among one of my favourite breeds.
A lovely entry of 67 making 85 entries.

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (6) (1 abs)
1st Phillips' Dimara Father Ted
- Very promising and well-balanced 7-Ĺ month gold, super head and skull, lovely eye and expression.
Straight front, well-ribbed and level topline. Well laid shoulder, strong and sturdy loin, correctly angulated. Typical jaunty free movement.
Ideal size, in excellent coat and body condition. Best Puppy Dog
2nd Watson's Lynruce Prime Suspect
3rd Waterhouse's Chtaura Shadow Dancer
Res Jones' Swaybee Midnight Invader
Vhc Carter's Becsgame Hugo Boss with Alamiks TAF

Class 2 Puppy Dog (4) (2 abs)
1st Bromley's Cossy's Jammie Dodger at Jardene JW
- Glamorous boy, a real showman. Sturdy and well made, level topline, strong loin and well angulated.
Good head and skull, strong well arched neck, good mouth. Covered the ground and maintaining a good topline on the move.
Just preferred the eye and front of MP winner for BPD
2nd Webster's Kilnhaven Duo

Class 3 Junior Dog (3) (2 abs)
Close decision between two quality dogs. Understand they have changed places many times and I can understand why. Superb temperament and showmanship from both.
1st Seward's Elleonia On The Level - Very well balanced grey, of ideal size, sturdy and well muscled. Lovely head, good eye and typical expression.
Level topline, decent layback of shoulder, well sprung ribcage, good neck and carriage. Excellent outline, abundant coat of good heavy texture.
Moved out with style and true typical action. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Scarll's Timazinti Motoro

Class 4 Special Yearling Dog (3) (2 abs)
1st Jones' Rishlyn Sommersby
- Glamorous gold, lovely eye and expression, correct mouth and skull, for me a touch long in muzzle.
Well sprung ribcage, perhaps could use a touch more depth. Well laid shoulder, level topline, good tailset and carriage. Moves with good drive and reach.
In super coat and condition.

Class 5 Maiden Dog (0)

Class 6 Novice Dog (2) (1 abs)
1st Seward's Elleonia On The Level

Class 7 Special Beginners Dog (1) (1 abs)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (5) (2 abs)
1st Jones' Rishlyn Sommersby
2nd Yates' Rishlyn Rio Bravo for Swaybee
3rd Surtees' Katay Pied Piper

Class 9 Limit Dog (4)
1st DavidsonJones' Peakajay High Finance JW
- Pleasure to judge this top quality boy, of ideal size, masculine and arrogant with not a hint of coarseness.
Lovely head and eye, beautifully balanced throughout. Strong well arched neck, which he uses to advantage on the move.
Excellent layback of shoulder well angulated hindquarters. Sturdy, strong and well muscled body, superb ribcage. Level topline good tailset,
moves true and with style without exaggerated kick up in the rear. In excellent coat of good heavy texture.
I would have thought a very worthy title holder and wish him well. Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show
2nd Jones' Becsgame Summer Breeze
3rd Waterhouse's Chtaura New Dimension
Res Carter & Waddell's Whispara Strike a Paws for Alamiks

Class 10 Open Dog (2) (1 abs)
1st Sumner's Ch Truern Pole Position
- Gold of lovely type, size and balance. Looks the part and very eye catching on the move.
Excellent drive and reach and typical jaunty action. Level topline, good neck, well sprung ribcage of good depth, strong sturdy loin.
Would prefer more straightness to limbs fore and aft. In superb coat, beautifully handled and presented.

Class 11 Veteran Dog or Bitch (2) (1 abs)
1st McNally's Ch Angadema Applause
- A real showman, very eye-catching, perhaps a touch too vivacious today on the move as he lost precision and jauntiness.
Nice head and skull, very well made in body with excellent layback of shoulder and upper arm, strong reach neck, level topline.
Very well ribbed and nicely angulated hindquarters. In super heavy coat, body and muscular condition.
Forfeited higher honours today as he is now showing his age in mouth, eye and pigmentation but certainly a most worthy champion of his day.

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch (9) (5 abs)
1st Waterhouse's Chtaura Do Ya Wanna Dance
- Really impressed with this gold, has everything going for her to make it to the top.
Of ideal size and excellent conformation throughout with superb front and shoulder. Beautiful head, eye and glorious expression, superb mouth.
Good reach of neck, strong and sturdy loin, well ribbed up, level topline and well set and carried tail.
Moves soundly as her construction dictated with freedom, jauntiness and lovely attitude. In superb coat and muscular condition for one so young.
Would have taken her home given the chance. Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Watson's Lynruce Molly Malone
3rd Phillips' Dimara Lola Rose JW
Res Sumner's Kenworth Play Misty for Truern

Class 13 Puppy Bitch (7) (3 abs)
1st Ogden's Absosengkye Only You
- Very attractive gold and white who was also very pleasing to handle on the table. Beautiful feminine head and eye, perfect mouth,
good reach of neck and super outline. Very well ribbed, strong loin, good tailset, excellent balance throughout. In good coat and condition.
Just lost out to the superior front assembly of MP, but a cracking bitch nonetheless.
2nd Webster's Kilnhaven Duet
3rd Harrison's Brendella's Freaky Friday

Class 14 Junior Bitch (8) (1 abs)
Very strong class of varying types which made me have to work hard. Liked all I placed.
1st Phillips' Dimara Miss Tical - Really beautiful grey, superbly balanced and of ideal size. Glorious feminine head and eye, good mouth. Straight front with good bone,
well sprung ribcage of good depth, strong and sturdy in loin, level topline. Well arched neck, excellent heavy coat of good texture. A really sound mover coming and going,
displaying super carriage, jauntiness and attitude to burn in profile. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Gay's Hazgaye Cascade
3rd Watson's Cheolview Iím Special for Lynruce
Res Scarll's Timazinti Chela
Vhc Davidson-Jones' Peakajay Lady Ellawiza

Class 15 Special Yearling Bitch (4)
1st Phillips' Dimara Miss Tical
2nd Watson's Cheolview I'm Special for Lynruce
3rd Davidson-Jones' Peakajay Tiggers Fairytale
Res Harrison's Brendella's Freaky Friday

Class 16 Maiden Bitch (2) (2 abs)

Class 17 Novice Bitch (5) (1 abs)
1st Harrison's Brendella's Freaky Friday
- Pretty bitch, very feminine, perhaps could use a touch more substance and size throughout for the ideal.
Nice head, dark well shaped eye, decent mouth. Nice tailset and well angulated hindquarters. In good coat and condition.
2nd Surtees' Katay Coco Chanel
3rd Ford's Cheherezade Dash of Magic

Class 18 Special Beginners Bitch (1)
1st Harrison's Brendella's Freaky Friday

Class 19 Post Graduate Bitch (7) (4 abs)
1st Waterhouse's Chtaura All U Need Is Luv
- Attractive shaded grey of lovely quality, well balanced and displaying a glorious outline both stacked and on the move.
Lovely head, skull and dark expressive eye, decent mouth. Good neck, muscular and sturdy body with good depth and spring of ribcage. Level topline, good tailset,
and heavy coat of excellent texture. For me not as pleasing in front and shoulders as others from this kennel.
2nd Ford's Cheherezade Gypsy
3rd Ogden's Absosengkye Gha-bbi

Class 20 Limit Bitch (5) (3 abs)
1st Ford's Cheherezade Trinity
- Very glamorous gold in superb coat, which is really heavy and of excellent texture seldom seen today in this colour.
Beautifully prepared and handled. Good head and eye, decent mouth and good chin, all giving lovely typical expression. Good depth of chest,
well sprung and strong level topline. Good layback of shoulder and well angulated hindquarters. Moving well with drive, reach and style.
2nd Surtees' Katay Penelope Pitstop

Class 21 Open Bitch (4) (1 abs)
1st Waterhouse's Chtaura Rhythm Is a Dancer
- Glorious bitch who catches the eye immediately and does not disappoint in any way on the table nor in action.
Beautifully balanced and so very typical. Beautiful feminine head, good skull and fall away, correct oval dark eye, decent mouth, good chin,
all giving her a totally melting typical expression. Correctly constructed in front, shoulder and upper arm totally matched behind by strong well angulated hindquarters.
She has substance but is totally feminine with good bone, strong well arched neck and well muscled compact loin.
Moves soundly with excellent head and tail carriage, jauntiness, reach and unexaggerated drive.
All this topped by a heavy coat of excellent texture. Best Bitch and Best In Show.
2nd Surtees' Katay Treasured Possession
3rd Surtees' Ch Showa Saffron JW