N.O.E.L.A.C 5th Championship Show
Sunday 29th November 2009
Judge - Mr Geoff Corish (Sealaw)

Dog CC - Ch Damjoz First Edition
Res Dog CC & Best Veteran - Ch/Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (re-imp)
Bitch CC & Best in Show - Kutani Love Affair at Baltoro
Res Bitch CC & Res Best in Show - Chethang Laurencia at Jastina
Best Puppy in Show - Quaytown Share the Wish

The North of England Lhasa Apso Club held a Ch Show where I had a most pleasant day judging
It was such a pity that the weather was so horrendous that there were a great number of absentees
As is common these days the quality in bitches far outweighed that of the males & in fact the younger male classes
would give cause for concern.
There were some quality youngsters but not in depth, we must get away from this coat & presentation thing at all cost,
the breed is much more than that

Minor Puppy Dog 6
1st Pointon & Webster's Quaytown Share the Wish
- Nice head & expression, good neck & shoulders
best mover in this class. Topline needs to settle, good front, excellent hindquarters
balanced head & beautifully presented. Best Puppy in Show
2nd Norris's Deelayne Sting and Steal for Damjoz - Standing, this dog is quite impressive, nice head, correct shaped eye.
Could have more neck & bit floppy in front. Moves OK in profile, superbly presented, in excellent coat.
3rd Phillips' Dimara Top O'The Morning
Res Horne's Hopeinn's Adrenaline Junkie at Chanceinn
Vhc Davis's Jamikasoka Masquerade at Narmoak

Puppy Dog 2
1st Rout's Simuje Jaleka
- B/W in super coat, very good head & expression,
good neck and shoulders, moves true front and back, excellent topline.
Bit apprehensive to start with but soon got going & moved well
2nd Surtees' - Katay Magical Wizard - Different in balance to 1, little higher on leg than 1
& not as settled. OK in head, nice expression, good front. Just a touch longer cast

Junior Dog 6 (1 Abs)
Both my winners did everything not to win!
1st Cain's Night Watchman by Kutani
- Really nice dog, so naughty but then that's why we love the breed
super shape, sound coming & going, excellent topline & tailset
when he decided to move, in profile, he is super. Lovely head & expression, in super coat.
2nd Phillips' Rictovia Ameriken Boy at Dimara - Gold, hope he has stopped growing, Standing has a stunning profile
which just detracts
3rd Barthorpe's Patarch Hallowein
Res Whitehead's Foxypoms Money Maker
Vhc Iredale's Lianderville Angel Delight

Yearling Dog 5 (1 Abs)
1st Cain's Night Watchman by Kutani
2nd Phillips' Rictovia Ameriken Boy at Dimara
3rd Iredale's Lianderville Angel Delight
Res Harrison's Scrappy Doodle for Bryzobren

Maiden Dog 2
1st Phillips' Rictovia Ameriken Boy at Dimara
2nd Surtees' Katay Magical Wizard

Novice Dog 4 (1 Abs)
1st Phillips' Rictovia Ameriken Boy at Dimara
2nd Rout's Simuje Jaleka
3rd Whitehead's Foxypoms Money Maker

Graduate Dog 4
1st Cain's Night Watchman by Kutani
2nd Briscoe's Bryzobren Shanipova at Barbustar
- Grey, nice balance, enough neck for his size
little short in rib but moves OK. Good topline & front, in profile he is very steady,
super texture coat, presented first class, well handled
3rd Rout's Simuje Jaleka
Res O'Rourke's Cleverclaws Marcel de Malo at Dajelilne ShCM

Post Graduate Dog 8 (3 Abs)
1st Hall's Shenedene R U Looking at Me
- Not a big dog but well balanced, dense coat which hides his outline somewhat
Super head & expression, excellent pigment, well ribbed, excellent topline & tailset, sound both ways
well handled, beautifully presented
2nd Bateman's Kutani Dante's Inferno at Baltoro - S/W, another standing in profile looks well, nice size like 1
OK in head and expression, good mouth, neck & shoulder. Topline rises a little on the table but moving is OK
Sure these two will change places on other occasions
3rd Harrison's Bendellas Old Spice JW ShCM
Res Green's Zanamop's Lightening Strikes Over Zanamop
Vhc O'Rourke's Cleverclaws Marcel de Malo at Dajelilne ShCM

Limit Dog 9 (2 Abs)
Very nice class, the first three were all good in different ways
1st Cain's Kutani Secret Agent
- G/W liked for his size, balance and typical movement, not overdone anywhere
sound coming & going, good neck & shoulder, excellent topline & tailset, will carry his title I am sure
2nd Chalmers' Chethang Nikodemus - Gold of similar type, not as composed on the move, but a lot to like
pretty much could be said of him as 1 & it wasn't easy to decide. I liked his head and expression a lot,
super coat & presented & sound both ways
3rd Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura Moore's Terendak Record Signing
Res Edwards & McDougall's Zuthis Hot Chatter of Quito
Vhc Horne's Hopeinn Take That at Chanceinn

Open Dog 6 (1 Abs/1 w/dr)
What a class, four turned up and any could have won
1st Norris's Ch Damjoz First Edition JW
- Have judged this dog before but this was his day
Nice size, moves beautifully with the arrogance I feel the breed is losing, super outline, plenty of neck
excellent topline, superbly presented. CC
2nd Scarll's Ch Timazinti Motoro JW - Think I judged this boy when he was much younger
Such a nice dog, very much the balance I was looking for, loved his head and expression, good neck & shoulder
well ribbed in super coat
3rd Watts' Ch/Am Ch Hylan Shotru Brandy Alexander for Kenida (imp)
Res Holland's Vaderlands Feel the Force

Veteran Dog 2
What a credit these two 10 yr olds are, who says show dogs are not healthy & fit?
1st Waterhouse's Ch/Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (re-imp)
- Lovely dog & you would never imagine his age
Lovely size and balance, sound both ways, typical in head and expression, super coat texture & presentation Res CC
2nd Jones' Becsgame Summer Breeze - Also 10 yrs and in superb coat & body condition, lovely head & expression,
good neck, excellent topline. On the final move he was not quite as sound in front as 1

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 (1 Abs)
Lots of baby puppies, at this young age not an easy class.
1st Phillips' Dimara Irish Mist
- Full of type & character, s/br, lovely shape, very sound, nice size
super head & expression, good neck & shoulder, excellent front, good topline, rosy future for her.
2nd Moorby's Zanamop Fancy Free at Swandown - G/W, so naughty but so nice, very much a baby
but one I feel will do well with a bit more maturity. To go over on the table she was very nice,
when she decided to move she held her good outline. Will be interested to see her in a few months
3rd Davis' Jamikasoka Crystal Rose at Narmoak
Res Horne's Chanceinn's Hot Gossip
Vhc Horne's Hopeinn's Eternal Dream
HC Phillips' Jayridge Firefly

Puppy Bitch 10 (4 Abs)
1st Hattrell's Jalus Jazzalicious at Khinjan
- Very feminine, nice size, very nice head & the best balanced in the class
good topline & tailset, has enough neck for her size. To be critical could be a little finer over her shoulders
Moving in profile presents a lovely picture. Best Puppy Bitch
2nd Dickinson, Taylor & Ventura-Moore's Terendak Educating Rita - Solid black, like all this colour you have to look a bit closer
for head detail, liked her head very much & has a true lhasa expression. Little longer cast than 1 but still has an attractive outline
beautifully presented & handled
3rd Surtees' Katay Mystique
Res Phillips' Jayridge Firefly
Vhc Horne's Lippylou's Sugar Muffin

Junior Bitch 9 (5 Abs)
Nice class
1st Chalmers' Rictovia Killer Queen at Chethang
- Really liked her outline, good reach of neck, excellent front
well ribbed, good hindquarters, sound both ways, OK in profile though not helping her handler
2nd Shand-Clarke & Shand-Robinson's Zentarr Megan at Shanclar - Such a feminine bitch, lovely head & expression
excellent pigment, good front. Not quite the reach of neck as 1, but still has balance. Sound both ways, would like just
a bit more substance
3rd Briscoe's Bryzobren Artistic Lady for Barbustar
Res Horne's Chanceinn's Wizza Dora

Yearling Bitch 4 (1 Abs)
1st Scarll's Timazinti Hope and Dreams
- Very nice young parti, gorgeous head and expression, good neck and shoulder
sound both ways, beautiful texture coat & superbly presented, really liked the way she carries herself in true Lhasa fashion
should do well
2nd Horne's Hopeinn Some Like it Hot - Very pretty bitch, not quite the quality in head as 1 but still very feminine
good mouth, correct size, excellent balance, moved well
3rd Chalmers' Chethang Nadia

Maiden Bitch 4 (2 Abs)
1st Surtees' Katay Mystique
- 3rd in good puppy class, here she was more settled. Good outline, excellent topline
very good in head & expression. Bit sloppy in front but was misbehaving a bit & this could be the reason, still young
& will be better when she settles
2nd Hayter's Meranne's Magic Moments - Nice bitch, not helping her handler on the move & at times dug her heels in,
to go over has a very nice head, excellent mouth & underjaw, good in front. Still needs a bit more time with her coat but in a grey
this does always take time

Novice Bitch 5 (2 Abs)
1st Phillips' Jayridge Firefly
- Has the most lovely head & expression, one of the best movers here. Bit taller than I prefer
but moves out well. In the most lovely coat & body condition.
2nd Hayter's Meranne's Magic Moments
3rd Deuchar-Fawcett's Timazinti Zippy with Saranbeck

Graduate Bitch 4 (1 Abs)
1st Surtees’ Showa Silhouette for Katay
- G/br OK for size, good reach of neck, excellent topline & tailset
well laid shoulders. Little long cast but that was being critical. Moves well, excellent coat texture
2nd McCosh & Logan's Kenworth Eskimo Kiss for Spyanki - Out of a smaller mould & not quite the head of 1.
Good pigment, excellent topline, moved and showed well, just needs a bit more coat to finish the picture.
3rd Hayter's Meranne's Magic Moments

Post Graduate Bitch 11 (1 Abs)
1st Bateman's Kutani Love Affair at Baltoro
- Liked the type and style of this bitch, so nice to go over on the table
super head & expression, sound, good neck & shoulder, excellent topline & tailset, true lhasa coat, has such quality
beautiful outline, loved her & wished I could take her home. CC & Best in Show
2nd Cain & Lock's Kutani Shabby Chic - Really taken with this bitch, don't think I have ever seen her before,
very much the type & style we have seen from this kennel. Still feel she could be a little bit more outgoing but lots to like
about her. See is litter sister to 1
3rd Phillips' Dimara Agony Aunt
Res Harrison's Bryzobren Menphis Belle
Vhc Marsh's Kenworth Enigma

Limit Bitch 8 (2 Abs)
The hardest class of the day, really any could have won it & so I decided to judge on heads, expressions & movement.
1st Blaber's Chethang Laurencia at Jastina JW ShCM
- Has the most lovely head & expression, superb pigment, sound & free movement
lovely to go over, could write reams but I will just say she is lovely, so close for the CC, loved both bitches. Res CC & Res BIS
2nd Cain & Lock's Chic Choix Kutani Charisma - Very similar in balance, so easily could have won, gorgeous outline
liked her head, carries herself so well with true lhasa arrogance, should make up no problem.
3rd Hall's Dimara Filthy Gorgeous at Shenedene
Res Scarll's Timazinti Mantilla
Vhc Hattrell's Jalus High Class at Khinjan JW

Open Bitch 5 (1 Abs)
1st Waterhouse's Chtaura She Will Be Loved
- Very nice bitch, so feminine in head & expression, well balanced
sound coming & going, good neck & shoulder, excellent topline, super coat & body condition.
2nd Scarll's Ch Timazinti Molly - Slightly larger than 1, lots to like, moves well, good reach of neck, good topline & tailset
super coat texture. Just felt 1 was a bit more feminine, looks like she has scratched her hair from her face.
3rd Holland's Vaderlands Electra-fy
Res Surtees' Rossgilde Thyme to Dream at Katay

Veteran Bitch 2
1st Waterhouse's Ch Chtaura Kiss Me Honey JW
- 7 years & looking so well, but then we know well the breed continues until the teens
so well balanced, loved her head & expression, excellent front, good topline & tailset, moves with such style.
2nd Deuchar-Fawcett's Timazinti Zippy with Saranbeck - 7 years, in her first class wouldn't get her tail up, here she decided she
quite liked it and moved OK. Just lacking the coat finish of 1. Liked her head & expression