Global Database on Assault against Female. Gender Inequality List Position
Global Database on Assault against Female. Gender Inequality List Position
Global Database on Assault against Female. Gender Inequality List Position


Frequency Data on various forms of Violence against female:

Lifetime bodily and/or Sexual romantic companion assault : 21 percent (1)

Real and/or Sexual passionate spouse physical violence in the past one year : 8 per cent (2)

Lifetime Non-Partner Sexual Physical Violence : 4 percent (3)

Son Or Daughter Wedding : 19 % (4)

Reports submitted by UN Human Legal Rights Figures:

Sex Equivalence Spiders:

Gender Inequality Index Rate : 112 (5)

International Gender Gap Index Ranking : 112 (6)

Relevant online searches

  • Types Of Measure
    • Institutional systems 5
    • Studies and analytical facts 10
      • Administrative facts 4
        • Wellness 1
        • Fairness 1
        • Police 1
        • Public Services 1
      • Specific physical violence against ladies research 2
      • Physical violence against women module in research 2
      • Violence against offspring survey 2
    • Regulations 9
      • Violence against females 9
        • Constitutional provision 4
        • Laws 5
    • Procedures 7
      • State action plan particular to physical violence against women 2
      • Inclusion of violence against ladies in some other national plan/strategy 5
    • Solutions 4
      • Coordinated and/or Integrated solution delivery 1
        • Integrated service distribution 1
      • Justice 1
        • Knowledge 1
      • Authorities 2
        • Protocols and tips 1
        • Instruction 1
    • Cures 4
      • Awareness-raising /Campaigns 2
      • Education 1
        • Conventional knowledge 1
      • Working with men and men 1
    • Perpetrators Program 1
    • Local Initiatives 3
    • Monitoring and Analysis 1
      • Avoidance 1
  • Kind Of Violence
    • Assault against females and women 19
    • Residential violence/Intimate spouse violence 11
    • Trafficking 10
    • Sexual assault 5
    • Other damaging practices 1
    • Sexual harassment 1

Cambodia Browse Data

Findings from Cambodia’s Physical Violence Against Young Children Survey 2013

Brand of assess : study and mathematical information > Violence against little ones survey

Type assault : assault against lady and girls

State Plan to stop Violence against Lady

Form of Measure : Policies > National plan specific to physical violence against lady

As a type of assault : physical violence against girls and women

Nationwide research on Women’s health insurance and existence knowledge in Cambodia

Particular Measure : Studies and mathematical data > committed assault against females research

Kind of physical violence : physical violence against females and women

Cambodia’s Assault Against Young Ones and Youngsters Survey

Kind of assess : data and statistical data > assault against kids review

Kind of Violence : physical violence against females and babes

The Sex Dependent Assault Functioning Cluster

Sorts of assess : Institutional elements

Kind Violence : Violence against girls and girls

Acid Attack Legislation

Style of Measure : assault against lady > Legislation

Kind physical violence : various other harmful procedures

Good People Campaign

Version of assess : protection > Awareness-raising /Campaigns

Kind physical violence : physical violence against women and girls

A Five-Year important Arrange on the Cambodian state Council for ladies

Form of Measure : procedures > addition of assault against feamales in more nationwide plan/strategy

Form of physical violence : Domestic violence/Intimate partner physical violence, Sexual assault, Trafficking, assault against female and girls

Bilateral Synergy for Eliminating Trafficking

Types of Measure : Local Initiatives

Type Physical Violence : Trafficking

Safe Village-Commune Coverage

Sorts of Measure : strategies > Inclusion of assault against feamales in some other national plan/strategy

Type of assault : physical violence against female and women

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( 1 ) amount of ever-partnered girls elderly 15-64 decades experiencing personal partner bodily and/or sexual physical violence one or more times within their lifetime. Provider: eros escort Round Rock TX Ministry of Women's Affairs, 2015. Nationwide research on Women's health insurance and lifetime Experiences in Cambodia.

( 2 ) percentage of ever-partnered ladies aged 15-64 many years experiencing romantic mate real and/or intimate violence within the last one year. Source: Ministry of Women's Matters, 2015. Nationwide Survey on ladies' Health and Life experience in Cambodia.

( 3 ) amount of women elderly 15–64 age having sexual physical violence perpetrated by individuals except that an intimate partner since era 15. Provider: Ministry of Women's Matters, 2015. Nationwide Survey on ladies Health and lifestyle encounters in Cambodia.

( 4 ) amount of females aged 20 to 24 ages who have been initially hitched or in union before get older 18. Source: UNICEF international databases, 2018, according to market and Health Surveys (DHS), a number of signal Cluster Surveys (MICS) and other nationwide consultant surveys.

( 5 ) The sex Inequality list was a composite measure showing inequality between women and men in three different sizes: reproductive wellness (maternal mortality ratio and adolescent beginning rates), empowerment (show of parliamentary seating conducted by girls and share of people with no less than some second knowledge), and labor marketplace participation (labor force involvement rates). Supply: Us Developing Plan, Human Development Report 2016.

( 6 ) The Global Gender space directory benchmarks nationwide sex holes on financial, governmental, degree and health criteria. Provider: Community Financial Discussion Board, the Global Sex Difference Document 2016.

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